Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MCB gets to push religion in UK Schools

UK: The Muslim Council of Britain, best known for its boycotting the Holocaust remembrance because it was too jewish, has teamed up with the Department of Education to pass out Islam resource kits to school children.

"...The packs were produced by the MCB, in partnership with the Department for Education and Skills, to provide children with a better understanding of Islam. The religion is already part of the school curriculum, along with all other world religions. The resources, which include books, artefacts, CDs, videos and teaching aids, were tested in schools across the country. They cover basic Muslim beliefs and practices through interactive class projects. Resources for secondary schools are also being developed and will be available to Harrow's schools. Mr Sacranie said: "We believe education is the key to creating a vibrant and understanding society. "These resources, developed by our team of educationalists, aim to support the teaching of Islam in schools by making available creative, engaging and child-friendly resources on Islam and Muslims. "We want to ensure that every school child in Britain has access to high quality Islamic resources through their schools." Councillor Bill Stephenson, Harrow Cabinet Member for Education said: "Harrow is very proud of its rich breadth of cultures and we are keen to use every opportunity to promote a genuine understanding of diversity across the borough. "The new resources will help school staff further develop their approach to high quality teaching of Islam- a religion that is far too often misunderstood."
Given the UK government willingness to bend over backwards for every complaint that MCB has made and trying to pass a religion hate law, I get the feeling that the other world religions are not treated as lavishly as this.

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