Monday, June 27, 2005

Studios say Grokster decision doesn't hurt piracy.

Entertainment: As most people have moved on from programs like Grokster to distributed networks.

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood got pretty much everything it wanted from the Supreme Court Monday, but techies and studio insiders agreed there's one thing the Grokster decision likely won't significantly affect: piracy. Illegal downloads, especially of movies, have largely moved to distributed networks like Bit Torrent and open-source applications that aren't run by legal corporations that sell ads and thus can't be targeted by U.S. law. "When you look where most piracy is happening today, there's no there there," observed Marc Morgenstern, VP of piracy tracking company Overpeer. "Piracy will go on unabated." Studio execs uniformly declined to comment on the decision Monday, preferring to leave their message to the MPAAMPAA. Org admitted the decision won't have an immediate impact, but said it could be significant in long term development of the piracy problem.

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