Monday, July 25, 2005

Gov. Ed Rendell to apologies for Knoll..sorta.

Politics: Following up on this incredulous stunt by Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll, the Governor is sending a letter of apology, but not exactly showing remorse for the gutless behavior displayed by Knoll.

"Written apologies will be sent to a fallen Marine's relatives angered by Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll's uninvited appearance at the soldier's funeral and her criticism of the war in Iraq, Gov. Ed Rendell said Sunday. Rendell said he will send a personal letter to the family of the late Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, of Westwood, and will ask Knoll to do the same. Goodrich, 32, a police officer and infantry unit leader, died July 10 in a mortar attack in Hit, Iraq. Rendell said he hadn't spoken with Knoll about the incident, but was disturbed by the family's charge that she made a political statement against the war. "It's not the business of state government to support the war, but our state supports the men and women who are fighting this war," Rendell said during an appearance in Mt. Washington. Knoll's actions and words offended Goodrich's family and friends, along with others. "I'll never vote for her," said Lynn Profeta, of Collier, who took her two sons to watch the military and police tribute paid to Goodrich outside St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Carnegie. "That family is grieving." "....Goodrich's sister-in-law, Rhonda Goodrich, of Indiana County, said Knoll sat next to Goodrich's aunt, Linda Kubiak of Bethel Park, in the church and gave her a business card, explaining that she "attends 90 percent of these 'functions' across the state." Rhonda Goodrich said Knoll also told Kubiak "that the (state) government was against the war." Knoll spokesman Sean Pendrak did not comment on the family's allegations, but said the lieutenant governor supports troops at war and extends condolences to all families who have lost loved ones in the fighting. "I'm going to talk to her," Rendell said. "I think she should send a letter to the family, clarifying (her intentions). As head of the state, I'm going to also send a letter."
Update# The story has hit the AP wire and a statement will be released this afternoon.
"....Knoll's spokesman, Sean Pendrak, told The Associated Press on Monday that the lieutenant governor's office would be releasing a statement on the matter later in the day."

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