Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Teacher unions around the world are the same. Stupid.

Education: People thinking the NEA are a horrible union destroying public education in this country should meet its UK cousin.

"Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary, has dismissed calls for the word "fail" to be banned from schools and replaced with the concept of "deferred success". The Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) will debate the idea at the union's annual conference next week. Some children are put-off education for life after being told they are a failure in class, PAT officials will argue. But Ms Kelly said she thought the notion of "deferred success" instead of failure deserved "nought out of 10". ....Jean Gemmell, PAT general secretary, defended the ideas behind the motion and suggested that Ms Kelly was being too "simplistic". She said it was "unhelpful" and "unfortunate" that Ms Kelly was commenting on a motion which had not even been debated yet, and was therefore not yet PAT policy. "We are talking about young people who struggle to read, write and can't relate to other people," she said. "These are things you cannot be allowed to fail at." The PAT motion, being put forward by retired teacher Liz Beattie, from Ipswich, Suffolk, said: "Conference believes it is time to delete the word 'fail' from the educational vocabulary to be replaced with the concept of 'deferred success'."
Thankfully, it looks like rational thinking people are against it.
"But the idea was denounced as “politically correct madness” by Suzanna Proud, 28, a mother of two. “When you apply for university they are hardly going to say, ‘Well you have had some deferred success so we’ll let you in’. They will say, ‘Sorry, you failed your exams. You don’t meet requirements’.” If the motion to ban the word is accepted by the union, its ruling council will make it part of policy for its members in primary, secondary and nursery schools across the country. Howard Martin, 54, who runs an online campaign against political correctness, said: “When children go through school they should learn how life works. Mollycoddling them will have completely the opposite effect.”
Somewhere along the line, teachers and their unions have been replaced by tree hugging wimps who are determined to make our children unsuitable to perform in the real world.

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