Monday, August 22, 2005

BBC to MCB: Sod off Swampy.

Media: First time in forever I'm actually siding with the BBC.

BBC rejects complaints from Muslims The BBC has defended a Panorama Special on the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Britain's most powerful Islamic body, after receiving 250 complaints about the TV programme. Sunday night's Panorama accused the MCB of being "in denial" about sectarianism within the religion's communities. It suggested that the MCB should provide a stronger lead and that groups affiliated to it were peddling hard-line views. The MCB is writing to the corporation calling for a public apology about Sunday's programme, which they have branded a "witch hunt" against Muslims in the UK.
MCB is not doing itself any favors with flaying attacks such as this against the BBC. Philip Chaston of Samizdata realizes what the problem is with the MCB.
Buoyed by the popularity of the anti-war movement, they have overestimated the depth of support for their views in Middle Britain, confusing the liberals who marched against the Iraqi war with the hard left. That is why we hear the overconfidence of Muslim anti-Zionists in our midst and a growing realisation in certain parts of the Labour Party that members of the Muslim Council of Britain hold illiberal views.
Instead of trying to logically and professionally refute the program as you would think any group would in an open society. The MCB went for the anti-zionists, jew conspiracy nonsense at the BBC, which is the last thing anyone would think of in regards to the BBC. The MCB has shown to a large degree how mentally stunted they really are. Madeleine Bunting tried to pass it off anti zionist conspiracy talk as just mistakes of a growing minority group searching for a common voice. Hogwash, this is the MCB in all its glory and has shown without a doubt how ill-suited it is to claim it represents the mainstream of UK Muslims.

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