Friday, August 19, 2005

Bob Costas tells CNN No to Holloway case.

Media: Another rumor is that Joe Klein's spine still has not been found.

NEW YORK -- While some cable TV hosts are making their living off the Natalee Holloway case this summer, Bob Costas is having none of it. Costas, hired by CNN as an occasional fill-in on "Larry King Live," refused to anchor Thursday's show because it was primarily about the Alabama teenager who went missing in Aruba. Chris Pixley filled in at the last minute. "I didn't think the subject matter of Thursday's show was the kind of broadcast I should be doing," Costas said in a statement. "I suggested some alternatives but the producers preferred the topics they had chosen. I was fine with that, and respectfully declined to participate." Costas' manager declined to elaborate on what Costas didn't like about the topic. ...."There were no hard feelings at all," Costas said. "It's not a big deal. I'm sure there are countless topics that will be mutually acceptable in the future." Wendy Walker, senior executive producer of "Larry King Live," described it as a mutual decision for Costas not to do the show because he was uncomfortable with the subject matter. "We love having Bob ... and since `Larry King Live' covers an extremely extensive palate of subjects, there will always be shows that he will enjoy hosting," she said. The NBC Sports personality, also host of "Costas Now" on HBO, had agreed to be host for about 20 editions of "Larry King Live" this year. He's done six, the network said.
Here are some problems with this. Bob Costas is unprofessional for deciding at the last minute not to do the show. It also reflects badly on CNN that a part time host can just up and tell them he is not doing a show of the subject matter. If Joe Klein was a leader of any kind, he would fire Costas.

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