Friday, August 19, 2005

Democrats getting the look tough on illegal aliens message.

Politics: What a difference a couple of months makes, considering that Nunez is one of the most pro-illegal immigration advocates around.

4/20/2005: "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said the nation's policy on preventing illegal immigration is too lax, telling a group of newspaper publishers the United States needs to "close the borders." "Close the borders in California and all across Mexico and in the United States," Schwarzenegger said Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Newspaper Association of America. "Because I think it is just unfair to have all those people coming across, have the borders open the way it is, and have this kind of lax situation." ....In a statement, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, said Schwarzenegger's comments reflected badly on the state's "productive" relationship with Mexico. "The Governor should ratchet down his rhetoric and retreat from this narrow-minded approach to immigration policy," Nunez said. "Closing our borders to commerce and culture is an idea that comes from political extremists, not rational policy-makers."
Now today Nunez says.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The state Assembly leader called on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to make California the third state to declare an emergency along its border with Mexico. New Mexico drew national attention last week when its governor declared a state of emergency, citing lawlessness, drug smuggling and human trafficking along the border. The governor of Arizona did the same this week. Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said Thursday that California needs to pressure the federal government to stop drug running and illegal immigration. "The timing is good," he said. "The governors of Arizona and New Mexico have done this, and there's an opportunity for three states to have a joint effort in lobbying the federal government."

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