Saturday, August 20, 2005

I have no idea who Richard Posner is.

Media: But if he gets on the nerves of Bill Keller, Bill "The Gay Hunter" Moyers and Eric Alterman, he must have been correct in his reviews. Read Posner's review first and then read Keller's whine.

“The saddest thing is that Judge Posner's market determinism leaves no room for the other dynamics I've witnessed in my 35 years in newspapers: the idealism of reporters who think they can make the world better, the intellectual satisfaction of puzzling through a complicated issue, the competitive gratification of being first to discover a buried story, the pride in striving to uphold a professional code of fair play, the quest for peer recognition and, yes, the feedback from attentive and thoughtful readers. He makes no allowance for the possibility that conscientious reporters and editors are capable of setting aside their personal beliefs or standing up to their advertisers (and the prejudices of their readers) to do work they believe in.”
Bill Keller is either clueless or dishonest, he points out why people think papers like the NYTIMES are pushing a liberal agenda. It's all about making the world a "better place" instead of just reporting the news. It's about getting recognition from fellow liberals in the press instead of doing your job. Keller is defensive over something he admitted was a problem.
Mark Tapscott: "Things are definitely improving in some key areas, but a review of a response by The New York Times top editor to a recent update by the paper's Credibility Committee of its original recommendations contains evidence the outlook remains grim on other vital issues. Among the most surprising - and thus far almost totally unnoticed - aspects of this story is the admission by executive editor Bill Keller that "even sophisticated readers of The New York Times sometimes find it hard to distinguish between news coverage and commentary in our pages." That in a nutshell is what critics across the political spectrum have said of the Times for decades."
Why should Posner make an allowance for something you admit is not happening?

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