Sunday, August 21, 2005

Iqbal Sacranie must think people are idiots or

UK: He is so disconnected from reality, he doesn't realize how stupid his reasoning is concerning boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Observer's editorial condemned the MCB's refusal to attend the Holocaust Memorial Day while neglecting to mention the reason. The MCB has called for a more inclusive 'Genocide Memorial Day' and believes that this would make the 'Never Again' subtext of the day more effective and pertinent in a world where the past few years have witnessed carnage in Srebrenica, Chechnya and Rwanda. By singling out the Holocaust Memorial Day as a central reason to criticise the MCB, The Observer confirmed the MCB's argument that there is indeed an 'Israel test' to which British Muslims are being subjected.
This would be the same as someone asking for all memorials for 9/11 become "Terrorism Memorial Day" The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events to happen in the history of recorded time. It was part of a World War that will forever be remembered. What you want to water down it down because it has way too many Jews for your liking.

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