Friday, August 19, 2005

Listen to the radicals! says Kim Beazley.

Australia: Who seems to live in a world where common sense and logic have no place.

Prime Minister John Howard should meet with representatives from Australia's entire Muslim population and not just the voices of moderate Islam, Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says. Islamic leaders from across Australia will meet Mr Howard in Canberra on Tuesday to discuss how to stop religious leaders from inciting violence and terrorism. However, some of Australia's more radical Muslim leaders were not invited to the summit, with the government saying it wants to marginalise extremism. Mr Beazley said Mr Howard would miss out on a valuable opportunity if he did not address the community as a whole. "He needs to be able to address the whole Muslim, Islamic community in this country and we need to be able to have a dialogue that produces something fruitful at the end of it," Mr Beazley told reporters in Sydney today. "I would be interested in talking to them all ... and ensure that the dialogue was conducted in an effective and temperate way."
Here is an explanation, they don't care to have their mind changed, they are not going to help you in any way. It would be a waste of time. Thankfully, Australia has a real leader and not a fool.
Mr Howard said he chose not to invite extremist or fundamentalist leaders to the meeting, because he wanted to marginalise such groups. "My purpose is to marginalise extremism, that is the best way," he told ABC radio today. Advertisement: "The best way of defeating extremism is to point out to those people who might be influenced by it, that they are in fact, leading them up the wrong path. "And the purpose of this gathering is to identify ways to further enforce and entrench the moderate mainstream view." Mr Howard said it was important to promote the values shared by all Australians. "We want to promote the ideal of moderation and identification with the values that all Australians share," he said. "To invite people who represent an extreme point of view is to give them disproportionate and unmeritorious recognition, which would anger people who are trying to do the right thing. "And the overwhelming majority of Australians who are Muslims are wonderful Australians, who are as concerned as you and I are about terrorism and want to work with the Government."

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