Friday, August 26, 2005

Sgt. Dan Kennings death was fake but accurate.

Media: An elaborate hoax pulled off due to lies and general stupidity of everyone involved except the one who created the hoax which is in dispute. The Chicago Tribune broke the story and the AP comes along with the shorter version.

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The student newspaper at Southern Illinois University was taken in by an elaborate hoax in which a child, tricked into thinking she was playing a movie role, posed as the daughter of a man serving in Iraq, the publication said Friday. The tale, which stretched over two years, began to unravel last week when the paper, The Daily Egyptian, heard that the "soldier" had been killed in Iraq and subsequent investigations by the student newspaper and the Chicago Tribune exposed that he didn't exist. "In the course of checking out the details, a troubling problem appeared: The story wasn't true," The Daily Egyptian wrote Friday in an editorial. "What began as a nightmarish possibility became impossible to deny." A woman who pretended to be the child's guardian is a 2004 SIU graduate who says she concocted the story with a former Daily Egyptian editor who denies that allegation and claims he, too, was duped. A man who posed as the serviceman father also says he was an unwitting participant.
Update# This latest media fiasco does fit this description of what American journalism has become these days. (wmv file, copy url into player if it doesn't auto play. ) More reaction from Michelle Malkin, rhymes with right, Marathon Pundit who points out that Southern Illinois University has been in the news before for stupidity.

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