Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tim Russert goes after Aaron Broussard.

Hurricane: After Broussard was found out to lie about what happened to a friend's grandmother on national television, Russert brought him back to confront him about it. Broussard bumbler busted about while Russert who clearly did not want to do this looked on. Russert did not have a choice, you can't have lies plastered about your show and then act like nothing happened when they are uncovered. Crooks and liars are unhappy about it.

Tim Russert went on the attack today to please the right wing apologists who had the nerve to fact check his impassioned outburst on MTP during the nightmare of Katrina. (Update-fact checking is fine, but to me this was callous)
I guess that is the new leftist standard, you can fact check, but if it destroys a clip we like to use against anyone to the right of Mao, it is callous.

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