Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Whiny Bostonian prof sticks her nose where it doesn't belong.

Sports: Law prof. Erin Buzuvis goes from Mass. to Iowa and immediately throws around her enlightened self to the Iowa university to show them the errors of their homophobic female hating ways.

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- A University of Iowa law professor said the school is promoting homophobia and will challenge whether Iowa is violating NCAA rules by painting a visitors' locker room pink. Erin Buzuvis moved to Iowa from Boston in the fall and discovered the visiting team's locker room at Kinnick Stadium was pink -- something she said promotes sexism and homophobia. But officials with the school's sports department said they won't change the pink walls, which is a long-time facet in Kinnick Stadium. The color was introduced decades ago by former Hawkeye coach Hayden Fry to soften opponents. But recent stadium renovations added more pink items to the locker room, including lockers, sinks and urinals. Buzuvis plans to speak with a school committee compiling a report on Iowa's compliance with NCAA regulations. The report is conducted every five years and does not yet address the pink locker room.
Of course, this doesn't sit to well with the Hawkeye faithful.
A University of Iowa law professor says she received death threats after telling a television reporter that the pink visitors' locker rooms at Kinnick Stadium promote sexism and homophobia. Erin Buzuvis said she and several "friends, colleagues and neighbors" have been concerned for months about the message behind the locker rooms. The color scheme, expanded in a recent remodeling, got its start in the 1970s as part of football coach Hayden Fry's effort to soften and distract opponents. After Buzuvis made her comments Thursday to a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, reporter, she began to feel the wrath of the Hawkeye faithful. The angry electronic messages numbered more than 75 by Friday afternoon. "I did not wake up (Thursday) with a plan to discuss pink locker rooms," Buzuvis said. "I don't want any more hate mail. This has got to stop." "With a pink locker room, you're saying that, 'You are a girlie man. You are weak, like a girl,' " Buzuvis said. "That implies that girls are non-dominant, therefore lesser. And that is offensive." Law professor Jill Gaulding said the issue also is a sore spot among members of the women's hockey team, and she has heard similar complaints from others on campus and around town.
She explains it in detail to enlight the masses on her blog.
But Iowa doesn't intend to be offensive. I don't doubt that this is true. But it still offends people. So why do it? To have a competitive edge in the game? If that's what we need to do to win, what does that say about our team? It's also harmful to University of Iowa--it makes it more difficult to attract students, athletes, and professors to come here when they perceive it as an institution that endorses sexist and homophobic practices.
It doesn' t seem to be so difficult since they somehow got you to move from Boston to Iowa and I haven't heard of any difficulties in University of Iowa attracting students. She is also right that the reason the locker room is pink because it is associated with weakness and it irritates the visitors by playing on long held worldwide theme association. Get over it. The complaints are petty and self indulgent of her worldview should be everyones view. The color scheme is a psych out, though more times than not it just ticks off the other team. The other complaint she had about the locker room.
"With a pink locker room, you're saying that, 'You are a girlie man. You are weak, like a girl,' " Buzuvis said. "That implies that girls are non-dominant, therefore lesser. And that is offensive."
Females cannot compete on the football field with guys outside of being a FG kicker, they are non-dominant and therefore lesser. Buzuvis is offended because of the truth? I'm offended she is calling female college athletes "girls" and implying that the football team is homophobic.

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