Friday, October 14, 2005

Bangladesh MP calls for mass ass whipping of journalists.

Media: A massive beatdown of journalists who print out false and fabricated reports? Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter, Zahiruddin Swapan.

Oct 13: Blowing hot against journalists Zahiruddin Swapan MP has called for beating them for what he said dishing out false and fabricated reports. "They are terrorists, toll collectors, purchasable at mere two taka," Swapan said while speaking at a puja mandap at Agailjhara on Wednesday. "Give them a mass beating if you find them publishing false and fabricated reports. If you fail, please inform me, I will take action against them," said the viprous tongued lawmaker. Credited for making quick money Swapan, a construction contractor, now owns three marine ships. He is also information and research secretary of BNP. Recalling the past he said journalists had created a sensation by false reporting on repression on the minority community in his constituency following the last general elections. "Very few among you voted for me," he said pointing to the minority community, "despite that I came out successful." Presided over by Amal Chandra Biswas, the function was also addressed by Ranjit Baroi and local BNP leaders.
I admit to laughing at the bolded part.

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