Sunday, October 16, 2005

I take it Wyclef Jean was a Duvalier fan?

Nation: That is the only reason I can think of him saying a line like this via Michelle Malkin.

145pm EDT. Wyclef Jean, Howard Dean's favorite rapper, sings: "If you not scared of George Bush, you got to stand up." Calls for withdrawal of troops and sympathizes as "Father Saddam cries in prison."
Update# Video of this spectacle here via Stambord.
In this embarrassingly bad ‘freestyle’ (Real Video link from C-Span) at the “Millions More March,” Wyclef Jean of The Fugees extends his sympathy to a genocidal dictator with this odious little couplet (8:40 into the video): “Two sons sittin’…[Unintelligible] So calm, Father Saddam cries in the prison.” - Michael Moynihan

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