Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Shocking news: Divorce makes kids unhappy.

Culture: There has to be a better way to write this lead without looking like you just graduated from journalism school.

Oct. 24, 2005 issue - While everyone knows divorce is tough on kids, researcher and writer Elizabeth Marquardt says even when the split is amicable, kids still suffer. For her controversial new book, "Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce," Marquardt spent three years interviewing 1,500 young adults—half from divorced families—who described the painful emotional, moral and spiritual dilemmas they faced. Marquardt talks with NEWSWEEK's Peg Tyre about the pain children of divorce may be harboring and what parents can do about it.
Who knew that even if you breakup all nicey nicey, your kids will still feel pain about it? How controversial!

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