Friday, October 21, 2005

This is the kind of dishonesty I hate from the MCB.

UK: The latest news about the idiotic Religious hate bill being pushed mainly by MCB to use against anyone who in their mind offends Islam.

But the Muslim Council of Britain defended the law, disputing claims that it would lead to a loss of free speech. "People like Rowan Atkinson have created a media frenzy by claiming that the proposed law will ban criticism of religious beliefs. It certainly will not," said Sher Khan, chairman of its public affairs committee. "The idea that there will be self censorship leading to a loss of free speech is contradicted by the evidence from the application of existing racial incitement laws that already cover both Jewish and Sikh faith groups. "It has not stopped criticism or ridicule of the Jewish and Sikh faiths." A Home Office spokesman said: "We have seen and will consider the proposals and respond to them in due course."
He leaves out the part where rioting by some Sikhs over a play in Birmingham shut down the production after the police said they couldn't stop it and the MP defended the reaction.
One of the examples cited by opponents is the play Behzti which depicts abuse happening within a Sikh temple. The play opened at the Birmingham Rep theatre - and was forced to close after protests from the Sikh community which the police said they could not control. Critics predict that even if the legislation does not ban such works, it creates space within which those opposed to artistic expression will believe they have a charter to act.
Now the MCB knows this, but plays dumb about it.

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