Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Trinidad has some smart people in government.

Trinidad: This won't make a tense situation worse at all. Manning to show he and the government are on top of the bombings in Trinidad goes out and makes this statement which will only tick off or scare people more in the country.

Name "Mr Big". That was the challenge thrown out yesterday by UNC political leader Winston Dookeran to Prime Minister Patrick Manning. Dookeran, Opposition leader Basdeo Panday and Opposition Senator Sadiq Baksh all condemned Manning yesterday for the "Mr Big" statement he made in relation to the bombings. In his statement in Parliament on Monday, Manning said: "Listen carefully to what I have to say. The Government has a good idea of who "Mr Big" is in this matter ... and let me say there is a difference between information and evidence. Under our Constitution you need much more than information to be able to bring people to justice." In response yesterday, Panday said that statement has made the entire situation worse that it was before. "The statement puts the population in a position where they are even more frightened than before, that is an irresponsible act," he said. He called on Manning to apologise to the nation for that statement which he said was an admission that the government was "totally incompetent" and "totally without a clue". Panday added: "They know the bomber and they can't arrest him, they can't charge him. So I think he has made the situation worse by that statement he has made." Dookeran said it was "the most irresponsible statement ever made by a Prime Minister on such a sensitive area of national security". Manning is also chairman of the National Security Council. Dookeran said Manning was effectively telling "an already terrorised nation that he can identify the perpetrator of the bombings occurring in the country but does not have sufficient evidence to conduct an arrest." Dookeran said this "preposterous and irrational" statement gives the population more of an insight into the incompetence of the government than it provides any logical explanation.

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