Friday, November 25, 2005

Dapper black "Muslim" gang beating up Arab owned liquor stores.

Nation: This is unusual, but Nation of Islam has denied it was them.

(CBS 5) OAKLAND Security tapes from the San Pablo Liquor Market on 23rd and San Pablo Ave. in Oakland show 11 men dressed in the manner of members of the Nation of Islam walking into the market at about 11:30 Wednesday night. After confronting the clerk behind the counter they push him aside, topple some groceries, open the wine, soda and alcohol coolers and throw the goods on the floor. Working in the store at the time, the owner's son, 17-year-old Khalid Saleh, who said one of the men was armed. “So I was standing there keeping my hands up watching them break all these windows, glass bottles and stuff,“ said Saleh. “They said we're Muslims, and selling liquor to the community, that we ain't supposed to be doing that.” This morning Abdul Saleh, the boy's father and others were in the closed store cleaning up. Abdul said he owns the building and the business, which he has run for 21 years. While the elder Saleh said he has never had any trouble with the neighborhood, he said he would now look to sell the business. About the same time, police said about 10 blocks away another Arab-owned store was hit by a second group of men similarly dressed uttering the same words. Workers at the store declined to comment. A third Arab-owned store in the area was not entered, it was closed for the night. The crime is curious, given obvious security cameras and monitors that make images that police say they hope will help them identify suspects. In the neighborhood, talk included the need to assert power, tension between Arab shopkeepers and African-American residents, attempts to embarrass the Nation of Islam. Midmorning Thursday, a man who identified himself as Jimmy X and said he spoke for Oakland's Nation of Islam came to the store to tell Saleh the Nation was, in his words, ‘not affiliated’ with what happened. Jimmy X would not go on camera nor answer questions and said he'd been sent when leaders saw TV reports of the attacks.
Update# Police do suspect they are Black Muslims

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