Monday, November 28, 2005

Fear of a Zionist Stockbroker.

UK: This is truly an innane op-ed. She fears her political brain washing on her kids to like Karl Marx will turn them the "wrong" way later in life. The fact she is the half sister of Cherie Blair is not a surprise.

"....In 2003, when Holly was just weeks’ old, I took them on the Stop the War march in London. Making our way on the Underground, two-year-old Alex said to a carriage full of protesters: “No attack Iraq, ’kay? War is bad.” Jaws dropped when she added: “Mummy, why does Uncle Tony like Bad Bush so much?” A question that often rages across our breakfast table. But talking to my girls about everything from Palestine to party conferences separates me from my friends, who don’t see the need to pass on their political belief system. Recently a friend left her two year-old son with me, warning: “And don’t frighten him about the Middle East, he’s just a baby.” I could stand being an odd one out while I thought my determination to help my daughters become political “Mini-Mes” would work. But the first niggling doubts were cast by Ken Livingstone. Feeling a flush of guilt when my girls booed Bush on the television, I sought reassurance. Was I right, I asked Ken, to tell my girls that left is right and right is well, wrong? “They’ll only do the opposite of what you want,” sighed London’s mayor. Brainwashing them could backfire badly, he warned, drawing on his own upbringing to drive home the point: “Both my parents were working-class Tories. No one on either side of my family had voted Labour until I did.” So was I at risk of turning out Zionist stockbrokers? I decided to poll a few figures with decidedly pronounced views to find out what had swayed them. First was Michael Portillo. Did he get his views from his parents? Well, no, actually. His grew up in a left-wing household."
The serious topic of parenting political views to your kids and if they follow in your path or not, which I don't see a problem with, takes a pythonesque turn in this article.

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