Tuesday, November 29, 2005

France tightening up their immigration policies

France: Couple of weeks of rioting will change your thinking even more, though the polygamy theory is rather dubious.

PARIS, Nov 29 (AFP) - Prime minister Dominique de Villepin on Tuesday announced plans to toughen entry criteria for the families of immigrants seeking to join their relatives in France. Villepin told a press conference that it would be "more reasonable" for new arrivals to be asked to wait longer -- two years instead of the current one -- before bringing their families into the country. Speaking following a meeting of a government committee on immigration, Villepin also called for so-called integration courses for immigrants to be "extended, then made compulsory". ....Villepin argued that only people deemed to have properly settled in France should be able to bring their families into the country. "Integration into our society, notably the command of the French language, should be a condition for bringing in one's family," he said. He also said the authorities should "have the means to uphold the law forbidding polygamy in France". Controversial claims were made in the wake of the riots -- including by employment minister GĂ©rard Larcher -- that large, polygamous families were partly to blame for a breakdown of parental authority in the suburbs affected.

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