Thursday, November 24, 2005

Man feelings hurt, complains about religious discrimination.

UK: Another embarrassment to Muslims. I blame this on the politically correct society that Britain has allowed to fester and grow for the sake of multicult.

Muslim salesman 'hurt' by wine prizes By Richard Savill (Filed: 24/11/2005) A Muslim insurance salesman suffered religious discrimination because his employers offered only alcohol as a performance incentive, an employment tribunal heard. Imran Khan, 25, claimed that the bottles of wine on offer put him at a disadvantage because, as a Muslim, he could not drink alcohol and was therefore unable to claim the prizes. British-born Mr Khan, who works for Direct Line Insurance, is seeking damages for "hurt feelings" under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003. The tribunal in Bristol heard that Mr Khan was one of a team of 14 in the city who were offered rewards for sales of pet and household insurance policies. Mr Khan's team leader, Louise Cummings, said she introduced the incentives as a means of "improving staff morale and performance". "If I had realised that I had hurt anyone's feelings, then I would have taken steps to rectify that immediately," she added. Tariq Sadiq, for the company, said that another Muslim worker, who had won an alcoholic prize in a similar scheme, had "simply" exchanged it for an alternative. Judgment was reserved.
I really can't blame the guy for gaming the system, it was setup for nonsense like this.

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