Monday, November 28, 2005

Nature Boy Ric Flair in road rage incident.

Culture: I have this image of Flair doing chops on the guy and then elbow dropping the car.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pro wrestler Ric Flair faces assault charges after a road rage incident on Interstate 485 in Charlotte. Another driver said Flair attacked him and his car. The driver said he was on I-485 on Wednesday,trying to get out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and traffic was slow. The driver said he noticed someone behind him flashing their headlights, so he hit his brakes. The driver said the car then pulled along side him, police said. The victim said he immediately recognized the driver as Ric Flair. The driver told police that Flair got out of his car, walked over to the vehicle, grabbed him by the neck and damaged his car. Police said there are two warrants out for Flair -- simple assault and damage to personal property. Flair's attorney, Richard Finnell, said Flair is unaware of the warrants. He said Flair is in Michigan this week for a pay-per-view wrestling event. Finnell said Flair would be back in Charlotte on Tuesday.
I don't condone violence, but that sounds like an act of douchebaggery that would lead to an act of violence that I understand... parse that enough you think?

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