Monday, November 07, 2005

Paris Riots: 324 vehicles set on fire.

France: Translated piece from yahoo France saying incidents have been less so far tonight.

PARIS (AP) - To the twelfth day of urban violences in France, a "significant fall" of the incidents was announced in Island-of-France early Tuesday morning, one learned near the ministry Interior, which recorded on the whole 324 vehicles set fire to on all the territory with 0h15. The police force carried out 65 interpellations in all France and four police officers were slightly wounded in violences, specified Patrick Hamon, with the service of press of the Directorate-General of the national police force. The ministry for the Interior did not have in the immediate future the detail of the vehicles set fire to in Island-of-France and province, according to Patrick Hamon, who specified however that a "significant fall" of violences was announced in Island-of-France.
Update#1 via AP
The tough new measures came as France's worst civil unrest in decades entered a 12th night, with rioters in the southern city of Toulouse setting fire to a bus after sundown after ordering passengers off, and elsewhere pelting police with gasoline bombs and rocks and torching a nursery school. Outside the capital in Sevran, a junior high school was set ablaze, while in another Paris suburb, Vitry-sur-Seine, youths threw gasoline bombs at a hospital, police said. No one was injured. Earlier, a 61-year-old retired auto worker died of wounds from an attack last week, the first death in the violence. Asked on TF1 television whether the army should be brought in, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said, "We are not at that point."
Update#2 At least the vehicle count is down.
PARIS (Reuters) - Ignoring the government's threat of a curfew, youths rioted for the 12th night in France, torching more than 800 vehicles around the country and injuring four police, the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday. The nightly protests against racism and unemployment dropped markedly in the greater Paris region, where violence had escalated to the point of shooting at police, but continued unabated in other parts of France, a ministry statement showed. The renewed violence followed a warning by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin that he would take a firm line against lawbreakers, including reinforcements for police and curfews not seen here since the Algerian war of 1954-1962. Villepin's cabinet was due to meet on Tuesday to approve the new measures. A town east of Paris imposed its own curfew on minors on Monday evening and another to the west of the capital organized citizen patrols to help the police. "Wherever it is necessary, prefects will be able to impose a curfew," Villepin said, referring to the senior officials responsible for security in departments around the country.

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