Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris riots: Curfews are evil!

France: This almost makes me feel bad for Chirac(almost) and really feel bad for the majority of French who are sane.

PARIS (AP) - French President Jacques Chirac's political rivals criticized his decision Tuesday to declare a state of emergency as ill-suited to quelling rioting. Others faulted Chirac for not taking a more prominent public role in managing the crisis. ``It's not enough to announce a curfew. There have to be security forces on the ground who can enforce it,'' said former Socialist Prime Minister Laurent Fabius. Speaking on France-Inter radio, Fabius called curfews ``repressive.'' He and others on the political left said the government had not offered enough support to troubled suburbs and called for new social support and jobs programs. Communist Party leader Marie-George Buffet warned that curfews could fan unrest by enflaming the rioters, adding that the government was ``incapable of stopping these youths.'' ``I do not see how you can enforce the curfew,'' she told France-Info radio. ....Two leading police unions, in a joint statement, said they welcomed Chirac's emergency decree, saying it would ``give extra measures to police to ensure the law is respected.'' The head of France's largest teacher's union, Gerard Aschieri, attacked the declaration, saying it could come across as a ``message of war'' to youths across France. ``It's a very bad measure,'' he said. ``Symbolically, it's very serious to reactivate a law from the colonial era ... How will our colleagues who work in the suburbs be able to work with youths subject to this curfew?''
You enforce a curfew by stating what times you are supposed to be off the streets, if you stay on the streets without a legit reason and are hostile. You then bring out the beatdowns in a fair and humane way. The comments do confirm my opinions of communists, socialists and teacher's unions.

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