Saturday, November 26, 2005

Save Tookie? Hell no.

Nation: Hollywood liberals who have never met a death row inmate they would not rally have latched on to the co-founder of the Crips, Tookie Williams. The hollywood types say he is a changed man, he writes children books, don't kill him! Jamie Foxx shows he is an idiot.

The crimes Williams was accused of were "heinous," said former "M-A-S-H" star Mike Farrell, a longtime death penalty opponent. But Williams has made "an extraordinary transformation," said Farrell, who's lobbied for him for several years. In apparent recognition of the power of the pro-Williams movement, the state Department of Corrections launched an unusual counterattack questioning the sincerity of his anti-gang conversion and alleging he remains involved with the Crips. Lora Owens, stepmother of victim Albert Owens, opposes clemency and resents the celebrity involvement. "I think most of them are abusing their popularity and their access to the media," she said. "It's an agenda. If they looked at the facts, then they'd realize Williams has not done anything to deserve clemency." Williams' link to the entertainment world was cemented with the biographical movie shown on TV and at film festivals, including Robert Redford's Sundance. Several of those involved in "Redemption," including Foxx and co-star Lynn Whitfield, have become backers. "If Stan Tookie Williams had been born in Connecticut in the same type of situation, and was a white man, he would have been running a company," Foxx told the AP when the film aired last year on FX. "But, born a black man who has the capability of having brute strength and the capability of being smart in the ways of the world, he's going to get into what he gets into."
Jamie Foxx pushing the image of the "black savage". The man founded one of the most violent gangs in the history of this country which has done nothing but killed off the black community in various parts of the country. He killed 4 people in cold blood and I am sure he ordered and killed others during that time, even in jail. The moral bankruptcy of his Hollywood Liberal supporters is amusing, since if Tookie was a white guy, none of these nobel prize winners, celebs and "concerned" citizens would be around in such numbers. Update# For a sickening display of Barbara Plett-syndrome about "Saint" Tookie, here is Evelyn Nieves fawning over him.
On one side are those against state killings in principle, those who believe that Williams has redeemed himself with his 10 books urging youths to stay away from gangs, and those who argue that Williams, who has always maintained his innocence, should be allowed to reexamine ballistics and other evidence that might be a basis for a new trial. On the other side are those who say Williams should die because retributive justice -- an eye for an eye -- demands it, not to mention those who don't believe that he has actually reformed. They note that Williams has never owned up to the murders and that while he has achieved fame, his victims have all but been forgotten. ...Still a big, bad Crip when he entered San Quentin in 1981, Williams spent six years in solitary confinement (1988 to 1994). Days in solitary moved like pond water, and Williams had time to make learning a serious pursuit. The dictionary and thesaurus were his favorite "valuable tools."
It is pretty much downhill from there.

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