Tuesday, November 29, 2005

UN predicts chaos if budget is held up.

UN: But that is not the best part of this piece.

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 29 (Reuters) - A senior U.N. official said on Tuesday the United Nations might have to delay paying salaries if the United States followed through on its threat to hold up the two-year $3.9 billion budget. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton has insisted the 191-member General Assembly focus on management reforms following the Iraq oil-for-food scandal before approving the 2006-2007 budget next month. To make his point, Bolton has suggested a three- or four- month interim budget so that members can focus on reform plans, many of which U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has proposed and the United States and Japan are seeking to refine. But the U.N. controller, Warren Sach, told a news conference this proposal would would "create real problems in terms of operational capacity of the organization." Specifically, he said the United Nations would have to cut any purchase of equipment and most travel, stop recruitment and struggle to meet the payroll. He told a news conference that 75 percent of the world body's costs were salaries and it would have to borrow from peacekeeping funds in a complex operation that would need General Assembly approval.
I think I see another reason to hold up the budget and take a closer look at United Nations operations.

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