Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome to Jamrock.....sigh..

Jamaica: This is an unwelcome record.

1,476 MURDERS in Jamaica - LAST YEAR'S DEATH FIGURE SURPASSED AS Jamaica's murder rate reached a historic high this week, Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Omar Davies, yesterday called on the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) to provide scientific clues to address the crisis. Dr. Davies' call, made yesterday during the opening of a PIOJ conference, comes against the background of 1,476 murders recorded to date this year. The current murder figure is five more than the previous record set at the end of last year, with just under 40 days remaining in 2005. According to police records, the majority of the blood was spilled in the St. Andrew South police division, which has 31 volatile inner-city communities. At least 243 persons have been murdered in the division this year.
Trinidad is just as bad in murders, it seems to be getting worse every year.

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