Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Youths" firebomb a police car in Australia

Australia: On the heels of major arrests in stopping a terrorist attack, it seems "youths" have arrived in Australia in retaliation.

Youths firebomb parked car 09nov05 THREE men have firebombed a police car in Sydney's west. The attack occurred outside Auburn police station about 10.45pm (AEDT) last night, police said. The three men approached the vehicle and one smashed the front passenger window, before throwing an inflamed device - believed to be a Molotov cocktail - inside. It caused extensive interior damage to the car. The three men then fled as police rushed to extinguish the fire. Police are searching for the men, who they describe as being of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance and aged in their late teens to early twenties. One man was 183cm tall and had a shaved head, they said. He was wearing a white t-shirt. Police are also seeking any witnesses to the attack.

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