Saturday, December 10, 2005

All you need to know about Munich in one paragraph.

Entertainment: The reviews are coming in and so far not so good. When I heard this movie was being made and Tony Kushner was attached to it I thought. it was going to turn out to be liberal nonsense wrapped in fence straddling. I see I was correct.

"There is an entirely fictional scene in the movie in which Avner and his Palestinian opposite number meet and talk calmly, with the latter getting a chance to make his case for the creation of a homeland for his people. That scene means everything to Kushner and Spielberg. "The only thing that's going to solve this is rational minds, a lot of sitting down and talking until you're blue in the gills," says Spielberg. Without that exchange, "I would have been making a Charles Bronson movie--good guys vs. bad guys and Jews killing Arabs without any context. And I was never going to make that picture."

Time magazine also flat out lies with this statement.

Indeed, since June, when filming began, the movie has been surrounded by rumors, criticism and suggestions that Spielberg was too pro-Israel to make a fair movie on the subject.
This is a cover story becaue the fear has never been that Speilberg is too pro-Israel, but too pro-peacenik. NYTIMES in as the Jews are doubting "bad guys". In July, the Telegraph reported that Spielberg didn't even contact the Israeli government for info or reach out to former agents. In September Reuters stunningly reported that the mastermind behind the Munich bombings(again why is he still alive?) and Mossad veterans questioned Spielberg sources and Spielberg confirmed the direction everyone feared it was going.
He has vowed that "Munich" will be sensitive to all sides. "Viewing Israel's response to Munich through the eyes of the men who were sent to avenge that tragedy adds a human dimension to a horrific episode that we usually think about only in political or military terms," Spielberg said in a statement.
Spielberg has joined with Ridley Scott who made Kingdom of Heaven and Black Hawk Down to make movies to push their liberal views using real events as a backdrop.

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