Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Aussie Riots: Churches targeted, Cops take it easy on rioters.

Australia: Four churches attacked with some thinking its a way of Lebanese Muslims going after Lebanese Christians for not backing them up.

FOUR churches in Sydney's southwest have been attacked in 24 hours as the city's riots spread from race to religion. A community hall linked to a Uniting church was burned to the ground early yesterday, carol-singers were spat on and church buildings peppered with gunfire. In response, members of the Arab Christian and Arab Muslim communities have called for a curfew for all Lebanese youths over the weekend. Police believe the attack on the hall, in the suburb of Auburn, was intended to destroy the Uniting church next door, while nearby StThomas's Anglican Church, which has a primarily Chinese congregation, had all its front windows smashed. Three of the attacks were on churches within minutes of each other. The night before, Molotov cocktails were used in an attack on an Anglican church in Macquarie Fields in the city's far southwest. Arab Christians have suggested the attacks on churches may have been meant as a violent attempt to "shame" the city's Lebanese Christian community into supporting Lebanese Muslims in the race-hate war, which began as a battle against young white males over use of suburban beaches.
The cops may not have been equipped to handle the rioters and were told not to actually do their jobs.
A leaked document has indicated that police were not equipped to respond to Monday evening's violence in Cronulla, in which people were assaulted and cars, shopfronts and windows were smashed. The Seven Network said it had obtained a police incident report instructing officers to stay away from one of the areas - believed to be Punchbowl Park in Sydney's west - on Monday night. The park is believed to have been the meeting place for scores of men who formed a vehicle convoy which drove to Cronulla unimpeded by police. The network claimed the report showed some of those in the crowd were suspected of being Middle Eastern criminals who had been involved in malicious damage and civil disobedience offences throughout the Sutherland Shire. The report is believed to have said "a direction was given to police about midnight not to enter the area and antagonise these persons".
Considering the media created "Tookie riots" did not happen, we could probably loan you some of LAPDs finest to show how to bash heads in on both sides.

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