Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aussie Riots: lockdown and beatings spread.

Australia: Police locked down the area where the riots occured

POLICE prepared to impose a virtual blockade on Sutherland Shire last night, erecting checkpoints on every main access road to prevent a repeat of the race riots at Cronulla. And State Parliament will be recalled tomorrow to give police emergency powers to lock down parts of Sydney, ban the sale of alcohol, conduct random searches and confiscate vehicles. An extra 450 police took to the streets in expectation of a third night of racial tension. Officers restricted in-bound traffic to Cronulla to one lane and checked every car passing a checkpoint on Kingsway, at the corner of Wilbar Avenue, from about 9pm. Queues stretched back about 200 cars as police searched the boots of some for weapons.
Attacks in Perth and Adelaide.
Attacks on a Middle Eastern family in Perth and a Lebanese Australian taxidriver in Adelaide have been linked to Sydney's race violence. In an alarming sign Sydney's race-fuelled problems may be spreading, a family of Middle Eastern origin was attacked in Perth by a group of 11 Caucasian men, who threw eggs, shouted abuse and kicked the garage door. The 42-year-old father of the Kewdale family, who does not want to be identified, said his family was badly shaken by last night's incident. "I don't know if we were mistakenly identified," he told ABC Radio. "What I definitely know is it was something linked to the escalation in NSW." Perth police Superintendent Shayne Maines said police could not rule out a link between the attack and the racial violence in Sydney. "There was some suggestion they did make ethnically-related comments to the occupant of the house," Mr Maines said. "We can't rule it out until the investigation is complete, but this is obviously a very emotional issue."

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