Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aussie Riots: Riots 'revenge' for Bali

Australia: Another source for the tension that boiled over the last week.

"Rioting at Cronulla Beach in Sydney is revenge for the Bali bombings and the September 11 attacks, federal Liberal backbencher Bruce Baird says. Mr Baird, whose Cook electorate takes in many of the south eastern Sydney suburbs affected by a wave of violence at the weekend, said tensions had been simmering within the primarily Anglo-Saxon community against people of Middle Eastern descent for some time. He said many locals were angry, particularly after six women from the area were killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. "Where this riot took place is actually the site of where we've got the Bali memorial for these women," Mr Baird told ABC Radio. Asked if the riots were revenge for Bali and September 11, Mr Baird said: "I think so." "I think there's been increasing emphasis on terrorism and our security," he said. "There has been high-profile rape cases in Sydney and of course, the Sutherland Shire itself is very much an Anglo-Celtic enclave and during the week it is pretty much Anglo and on the weekends there are lots of visitors that come from elsewhere." Mr Baird said the violence was prompted by an attack on a young surf lifesaver. "When you have some of the icons being attacked such as the Aussie lifesavers, especially the young ones, then people get very upset and of course any attacks on young people on the beach concern locals but it is a whole mix of things," he said....."
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