Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aussie Riots: Stupid plans in motion.

Australia: I guess it would be too hard to enforce the law on the beaches.

CRONULLA'S beaches might be divided into sections to remove some of the tensions that erupted into mob violence this week. Sunbathers, soccer players and surfers could each be allocated an area on the southern Sydney beach to reduce the chance of arguments and conflict over who controls the sand. Muslim and Lebanese "marshalls" and elders might also be sent from the western suburbs to patrol the area and sanction troublemaking young men visiting the beach. The ideas were flagged at a meeting of community leaders, politicians and police who represented the Sutherland Shire and Lebanese and Muslim groups from the western suburbs. The meeting was hosted by federal Liberal MP Bruce Baird.
How about the law patrol the beaches to make sure everyone understands the beach belongs to everyone and those who can't play nice will be thrown out? Just sectioning off the beach will do nothing. As for the "marshalls" the gangs aren't listening to them in their areas, what makes you think they will on the beach? This is more of the same touchy feely garbage that created this mess.
"The meeting also discussed school swaps, where students from both areas would attend a term at the other's school. "The issue of respect was one that was brought up from the very beginning over the last two weeks," MacPherson said. "But respect won't come until people have knowledge and are educated about each other's ways and culture."
Forced busing has always been a winning solution.
"Sutherland Shire Mayor Kevin Schreiber said more police alone would not solve the problem in the long term and said the state Government had to take a leadership role and provide funding to build an understanding between cultures at a grassroots level. "Whilst I am highly supportive of the legislation (to provide greater police powers) ... we must acknowledge that this is not just a policing matter," Mr Schreiber said yesterday. "It is unrealistic to assume that all of Sydney's problems will dissolve with more police on the beat." The Government needed to restart discussions with community leaders and establish an education campaign, he said. "
More Multicult indoctrination is in order. You will love each other damn it!

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