Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aussie Riots: Tidbits and stuff

Australia: The new police task force is up and running.

ARMED with new powers, a police task force has arrested 19 people in a night of unrest in Sydney in which an elderly man was bashed with a crowbar, a molotov cocktail was thrown at police and one officer was injured in a brawl. The arrests were made by officers attached to Operation Seta, created following a race riot at North Cronulla Beach in Sydney's south on Sunday and days of retaliatory attacks. Assistant commissioner Dave Owens said police used increased powers rushed through NSW Parliament yesterday to set up check points on a number of main thoroughfares in Sydney's southern suburbs. A molotov cocktail was thrown at police in "a disturbing incident" at Dickens Road, Ambarvale, south west of Sydney, about 10pm (AEDT), he said. "Police conducted a search of the area and located a number of other incendiary devices and what appeared to be stockpiled stones," Mr Owens said. Although no arrests were made over that incident, two men, aged 24 and 23, were charged with making explosives with intent ot injure after police found seven molotov cocktails in a Cronulla unit, about 6pm.
Bussed in rioters from Melbourne to Sydney?
"POLICE are investigating reports that interstate recruits ready to join in fresh racially motivated violence are arriving in Sydney by the bus and carload. The Australian reported today youths and ethnic "lions" from Melbourne are believed to be heading north intent on creating more mayhem. New South Wales police described the reports as "unconfirmed rumours" but said they were being investigated. Expectations among the young Lebanese community in western Sydney that further trouble will develop over the weekend comes despite calls from their religious leaders, police and politicians for both sides to calm down. One 22-year-old ethnic Lebanese man said yesterday he and his friends were ready for a turf war. "The boys reckon it'll be like a scene out of Braveheart," he said. Sources within the Lebanese community said three busloads of young men from Melbourne - Lebanese, Serbians, Italians and Greeks - and more than 30 carloads were expected to arrive in Sydney today and tomorrow. "

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