Monday, December 12, 2005

Aussie Riots: Tidbits here and there

Australia: Piers Akerman rips into the politicians and police for being too politically correct.

"....The attack on a surf patrol on Cronulla beach a week ago was the notional trigger for Sunday's events, but the tangled roots of anger lie deep within the failed multicultural policies foisted on an unsuspecting nation decades back. ....That message is simple. The community wants to see police act on anti-social behaviour, and it wants criminals to serve real time, not make-believe sentences, for their crimes. Though branch-stacking politicians and academics might like to think multiculturalism is all about exotic clothing and tasty kebabs, those residents who have remained in suburbs subjected to the multicultural experiment feel neglected. They believe they have had to cope with carjackings, gang rapes, drive-by shootings, the occasional explosion at the football, amplified calls to prayer, and gangs of violent young men who boast that they are proud not to be Australian. They have watched newer residents adopt a culture of entitlement and victimhood such that unemployment rates among Muslims are now five and six times those of non-Muslims. Not surprisingly, some from Sydney's Islamic community have blamed the violence on what they call racist and irresponsible sections of the media. Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad has long preferred not to face the hard truth but find reasons to blame others for problems that are endemic to his community. He is as silly as Greens Senator Bob Brown and those reporters from the ABC and Channel 7 who preposterously tried to use Mr Iemma's press conference to scapegoat Prime Minister John Howard for the beach warfare. "
Police gets new Riot powers
"....NSW Premier Morris Iemma has recalled Parliament for an emergency sitting to equip police with new powers to crack down on rioters. "NSW Parliament will be recalled for a special emergency sitting on Thursday morning to provide police with extra powers to deal with criminals and thugs who are causing disturbances across our city," he told reporters. Mr Iemma said the Government would seek powers including the ability to lock down zones, search people and vehicles, create temporary alcohol free zones, and shut down licensed premises. Police also would get additional powers to confiscate vehicles of people involved in social unrest. "These criminals have declared war on our society and we are not going to let them win," the Premier said. New legislation would also increase jail terms for riot offences from five to 15 years and double the penalty for affray to 10 years. "I won't allow Sydney's reputation as a tolerant, vibrant international city to be tarnished by these ratbags and criminals who want to engage in the sort of behaviour we've seen in the last 48 hours,'' Mr Iemma said."
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