Monday, December 05, 2005

Australian Islamic leader says he was "misrepresented"

Australia: Earlier story had Kuranda Seyit saying Christmas should be renamed and toned down. Now he is saying thats not true.

An Islamic leader says the Islamic community welcomes and respects the Christmas tradition. A Sunday newspaper quoted the executive director of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations, Kuranda Seyit, as saying Christmas should be renamed and toned down. Mr Seyit says that is not true and the Muslim community is very happy to celebrate the festive season. "We're not calling for any ban on the word Christmas, that's a ludicrous notion," he said. "We've been again misrepresented. We have not even mentioned anything in terms of changing Christmas or replacing it with another term. That is up to the mainstream public or mainstream Australians to discuss." Mr Seyit says the newspaper report is a beat-up. "I'm very, very concerned and saddened that they misrepresented the Islamic community's views," he said. "The Islamic community celebrates and respects Christmas just like any other Australian community people. "So I think that what is very important to clarify here is that Muslims are not calling for any changes towards Christmas or to any other celebrations in Australia." But Mr Seyit says people could look at reducing their spending over Christmas and focus on its religious meaning.
Lets focus on the earlier story by The Sunday Mail. There is misrepresented, taking quotes out of context and just outright lying.
But the Islamic-relations forum director, Kuranda Seyit, told The Sunday Mail it was time for Australia to fall in line with places such as the UK, where councils have renamed Christmas "Winterval" and replaced references to Christmas on signage with the words "Festive" and "Winter". "Australia is now so diverse and there are so many cultures and festivities, we need to acknowledge the need to be inclusive of our identity." He expected his plan would insult some people, but urged a "step-by-step" approach. "A word like Festive is a good word but the community should make an effort to come up with an alternative to Christmas. Schools will take a leading role in terms of political correctness. The younger generation will grow up and say 'it's not fair'."
How the heck could the Mail "misrepresent" what he said? The Mail quoted him, so either they made it up or he is lying out of his teeth. Mediawatch hop to it to defend the minority group from the evil print media.

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