Sunday, December 11, 2005

Canadian parents drink beer and popcorn

Canada: If you give them back their money, they won't take care of their kids. I said before the Liberals look at the population as little kids that must be put in a nanny state.

A top aide to Liberal Leader Paul Martin apologized on Sunday shortly after suggesting on national television that Canadians might spend child-care money on beer and popcorn. Scott Reid, Martin's director of communications, was attacking a Conservative plan to give families of young children $1,200 a year for child care. "Don't give people 25 bucks a week to blow on beer and popcorn," Reid said during a panel discussion on CBC News: Sunday. "Give them child-care spaces that work. Stephen Harper's plan has nothing to do with child care." The Conservative on the panel called the comment "an insult," and said it proves that the Liberals don't trust families to make their own choices about what's best for their children. Reid quickly issued an apology. "It was dumb," he said. "No way around it. I regret it." Meanwhile, when asked about Reid's comment at a campaign stop in Beamsville, Ont., Martin said: "There's no doubt in my mind that parents are going to use (the money) for the benefit of their families." "They're going to use that money in a way that I'm sure is responsible," he told the Canadian Press. "Let there be no doubt about that." Still, there is nothing in the Conservative proposal that would force parents to spend the money on child care, a spokesperson told CBC News Online on Sunday.

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