Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christian doctor forced out by Muslim colleagues in UK.

UK: A tremendous lack of details and followup in the small amount of articles that I can find.

A Christian doctor claims he was forced out of his job by Muslim colleagues. Dr Joseph Erian has now accepted undisclosed damages from the NHS after leaving his post. Eye specialist Dr Erian worked at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital. He claimed constructive dismissal after resigning from his post in January this year. Dr Erian said that his job was advertised behind his back after Muslim staff in his department discovered he was a Christian. He took the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust to an employment tribunal, which was part-heard this month before the two sides reached a settlement. Dr Erian is the second doctor from the hospital to sue the trust this year. A third doctor from the hospital is due to have his tribunal heard next spring. All three worked in the ophthalmology department. ....Initially the Lincolnshire trust said it denied all the allegations made by the doctor. But following the settlement with Dr Erian, it admitted that the problems "were not Dr Erian's fault" and expressed its "regret" over his experience. The trust employs 7,000 staff and provides services to 641,000 people from nine hospital sites in Lincolnshire. In a statement the trust described him as "hard-working and conscientious". Dr Erian's solicitors, Hunt Kidd, based in Glasgow, said their client had been forced to pursue the claim privately after The British Medical Association refused to back the case. Lawyer Jane Jelly said this was the most significant case yet involving the new religious discrimination laws.
Three doctors have left the same hospital, same department, all are suing. Questions that come to mind is all due to religious conflicts? The Sun says he was born in Egypt, a Coptic Christian? Why did the B.M.A not back his case? What came up that the Trust reversed itself? Any actions taken against the offending party that cause him to leave? The big question is if this was reversed would it show up in the BBC or make a bigger splash in the press? I can answer that, yes it would.

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