Thursday, December 15, 2005

Couple finds stoned owl in Christmas Tree.

Nation: I think the couple may get a visit from the police since I doubt a bird can hold the effects of pot for 5 days.

SARASOTA— The Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary in Sarasota is getting ready to release one buzzed bird back out into the wild. Vets at the sanctuary have been caring for a screech owl that was found acting a little odd. A couple purchased a Christmas tree and had it in the house for five days before decorating it. That's when the couple discovered a tiny screech owl in the tree. The couple called the sanctuary's rescue squad. But the story wasn't very interesting until Melissa Dolinsky began assessing the owl's health. "I kept smelling him and smelling him going, 'What is that odor?'" She thought it smelled like marijuana. "Just kind of laying there as happy as could be," said Dolinsky. They examined the owl looked in his eyes and determined the owl was stoned.
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I think the buzz wore off right about this time.

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