Sunday, December 04, 2005

CU freshman buys iPod shuffle for $4.99

Crime: Nope not on sale, fool went made his own barcode and slapped it on a shuffle. This brings up the question what kind of an idiot was working the cash register who didn't think this may not be right.

"Boulder - Jonathan Baldino might be off the "nice" list. Police say Baldino used homemade bar codes to buy electronic gadgets at prices far below any legitimate discount. The 19-year-old is facing three counts of being naughty - one of them a Class 5 felony. Baldino was detained by Target security Wednesday after he purchased a $150 iPod with a bar-code label of $4.99. Baldino, a freshman electrical-engineering student at the University of Colorado, told police that he made phony bar codes from real bar codes taken from inexpensive merchandise, then glued those bar codes on to big-ticket items at Target, according to the police report. Baldino's alleged holiday caper actually worked - once. On Nov. 16, he downloaded a program called "Barcode Magic" in his dorm room and made a bar code for a CD player that cost $24.99, police said. Then he went shopping - sticking his homemade bar code on a system for using iPods valued at $249.99, police said. But Baldino's alleged scam was thwarted Wednesday when he returned to Target and was recognized by the store's security specialist, according to police. The specialist watched Baldino check out, discovering that Baldino paid for headphones worth $4.99, while he was walking out with an iPod worth $149.99. Busted, Baldino begged for a little yuletide forgiveness. "I will NEVER EVER DO THIS EVER AGAIN and I am once more terribly sorry," Baldino wrote in a statement for police. "Please let me go for I am terribly sorry!!! I'm only a kid! Help me out. I just want to go home. I did this not knowing of the serious penalty that lies behind it. Please! Please! Please!" Police, however, did not acquiesce. He faces a felony count of forgery and two misdemeanor counts of theft. "

....Baldino's bar-code bargains pale in comparison with other national cases. In November, a Reno, Nev., man was arrested for stealing more than $200,000 worth of Legos in a bar-code scam. Baldino is accused of stealing $370 from Target.

That is just sad. Do the crime and then cry like a baby after getting caught. But I don't think in this case prison would be right for him. He thought he was smarter than everyone else, tried a stunt and failed miserably. That is why I advocate caning. Fines are too easy, anything worse than a min security prison seems a bit harsh for $370 bucks. Caning fits that middle ground. He needs a good reminder that stealing and being a dumbass is wrong.

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