Friday, December 02, 2005

Far be it from me to say Editor and Publisher has a bias.

Media: This story written by Miki Johnson of E&P about far left protesting job cuts at Tribune papers,but most directly at the LA TIMES job cuts raises a couple of questions. 1) Why does this story first off look like a rewritten press release with E&P linking to the petition? 2) Does covering the newspaper industry mean giving favorable coverage and hits to a political group that favors the leftist media coverage who is using its "clout" to save papers that generally fall to the left like the LATIMES? 3) Why does Mike not fully describe the group as a liberal political action group? Grassroots doesn't cut it, if this was a conservative group, E&P would have put it in bolded capital letters. 4) Why was there no questions asked by Miki about how sincere this drive to save the media is considering its political leanings, would they do the same if it was the Washington Times or Wall Street Journal? 5) Are they doing this to gain favorable press coverage in the future given it sounds like a "we are on your side reporters!" angle? It's not surprising to see moveon come to the aid of the media, the more it declines the harder it gets for the left to push their agenda. It is disturbing(but also not surprising) to see the industry watchdog journal help them so eagerly.

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