Friday, December 23, 2005

Gay grilling for Christians

UK: White, old and Christian asking questions and giving opinions about gays at an English council meeting? Thats like a black man showing up at a KKK meeting asking for equal time.

POLICE today defended their decision to question an elderly pair of devout Christians accused of homophobia after complaining about a council’s gay rights policy. Joe and Helen Roberts were questioned by officers from Lancashire Constabulary for more than an hour after they sent a letter objecting to what they saw as the authority’s pro-gay stance. Mr Roberts, 73, and his wife, 68, were enraged by Wyre Borough Council's move to raise awareness of gay issues among staff. They called and then wrote to the council accusing them of 'pandering' to minority groups. Mr Roberts asked if the council would display Christian leaflets and was told all applications would be considered but nothing that would offend minority groups would be approved. Mr Roberts said he felt discriminated against by the decision. The couple were upset at the council's programme to win a new equal rights charter mark, part of which would see gay lifestyle magazines distributed around staff areas. The letter added: "If gay people made the decision not to think gay, they would not act gay. "Whatever they are giving their attention to will eventually mould them into its image." A council official lodged a formal complaint with police who sent two officers to the Roberts’s home in Fleetwood, Lancashire. They were questioned about their beliefs and police decided no crime had been committed and ruled they would take no further action. A Lancashire Police spokeswoman said: "As a matter of routine, a police officer attended an address in Fleetwood to make further inquiries and to establish whether any crime had been or was likely to be committed. "As a result of those inquiries, words of suitable advice were given and we will not be taking any further action. "Hate crime is a very serious matter and all allegations must be investigated thoroughly." A council spokeswoman added: "We received a telephone call and letter from Mr and Mrs Roberts. "Some of the wording in the letter was clearly inappropriate and so it was decided to consult the police on suitable action."
"U vill vatch your mouths in ze future yah?" I guarantee if they were Muslim, the council would have postponed action for 10 years and the police would come around saying they might need protection from Peter Tatchell. Yes, I went there, you were thinking it too.

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