Saturday, December 03, 2005

Holland and Bosnia: terrorist recruitment areas

Terrorism: More on converts being used as they would be easier to move around.

The Dutch government says radical Islam is finding new recruits in the Netherlands among local converts to Islam and young Muslim women. The government announced the development in a report to parliament on fighting terrorism. It came a female convert from neighbouring Belgium exploded in a suicide bombing in Iraq last month. The report says there's a significant threat that the Netherlands will be the target of a terrorist attack. The trial starts in Amsterdam next week of 14 young men, mostly with Moroccan roots, who are suspected of belonging to a militant Islamist group that was planning attacks.
The Oct. 19 bust in Sarajevo confirmed a suspicion among several intelligence agents that Bosnia and other parts of the Balkans are becoming a launching pad for terrorist attacks in Europe. Islamic radicals are looking to create cells of so-called white Al Qaeda, non-Arab members who can evade racial profiling used by police forces to watch for potential terrorists, said a Western intelligence agent in Belgrade. "They want to look European to carry out operations in Europe,'' the agent said.

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