Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I don't celebrate Kwanzaa either

Culture: I just have a problem enjoying something that was made up by an obvious psycho and it comes off as a blatant ploy to make himself out to be some sort of god giving a celebration out to black people to have as their own thing. Its not a natural celebration born from tradition and grew at its own pace. Besides if you want to have an African tradition to celebrate, look to Africa. Some of the Christmas traditions rule.

On the west coast of Africa, in Liberia, most homes have an oil palm for a Christmas tree, which is decorated with bells. On Christmas morning, people are woken up by carols. Presents such as cotton cloth, soap, sweets, pencils, and books are exchanged. Also in the morning a church service is held in which the Christmas scene is enacted and hymns and carols are sung. Dinner is eaten outdoors with everyone sitting in a circle to share the meal of rice, beef and biscuits. Games are played in the afternoon, and at night fireworks light up the sky.

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