Friday, December 09, 2005

Illegal Aliens who fled raid fired.

Nation: Sorry, let me use Boston Globe terminology, "immigrant workers"

"The firings are the latest in a series of reverberations after 13 seafood processing workers were arrested for alleged immigration violations Monday. Immigrant workers all over New Bedford left their jobs Monday, and many did not return to work Tuesday, fearing further arrests. Many of the city's plants are heavily dependent on unskilled immigrant labor, and local activists say many of those immigrants are undocumented. The New Bedford firings occurred as news broke of a joint operation, conducted a month ago by immigration and MBTA officials in Boston, to arrest nine T-station vendors who lacked valid immigration documents. Activists reacted angrily to news of both operations yesterday and said precious Homeland Security resources were being used to target those who posed little threat. ''They are fulfilling quotas, targeting low-hanging fruit," said Ali Noorani, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition. ''And unfortunately, low-hanging fruit in this day and age is the low-income undocumented worker who is sustaining industries in Massachusetts. What is striking here is that nobody was being followed or watched as a national security threat."
Someone explain to Noorani, that precious Homeland Security resources were being used correctly and it should be done more often.
On Tuesday morning, those hat factory workers were gathered together and told that they no longer have jobs. ''Basically, they left their jobs unauthorized, and I had to terminate them all for doing that," said Roy Jesus, operations manager at Ahead Headgear. ''I am trying to deliver for my customers, and I can't have people walking off the job. I don't want to set any precedents; if it happened again it would seriously cripple us." Jesus said the employees had presented documents that proved they could work when they were hired. Now, he said, ''in hindsight, you could probably conclude that they have some kind of problem with their paperwork."
I am sure Jesus was suckered by 30 times when hiring people to work for them, the IRS and INS should be investigating him for illegal labor practices.

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