Sunday, December 25, 2005

Judy Maltz: Snotty Liberal Christmas hater.

Culture: Read this missive by Judy Maltz and you will be astonished by the hatred of Christmas, religion in general and a healthy lack of respect for others.

"Right after Thanksgiving, when the neighbors began decorating their homes with Christmas lights and trees, we were able to confirm what we had suspected from the start: that we were the only Jewish family on the block. Next to all the brightly lit and ornamented homes, many of them featuring Nativity scenes on their front yards and giant Santas on their roofs, our own unlit undecorated house stuck out like a sore thumb. Our third child, Iddo, then five years old, pleaded with us to dress up our house like all the others. Those lights are for Christmas, we tried to explain to him, and Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas. "Not even one teeny, tiny light?" he begged. If that's when we learned we were outsiders in the neighborhood, our children had already discovered that they were not like everyone else in their respective schools. Matan, then in fifth grade, and Tamar, in third, turned out to be the only Jewish children in their public school. Iddo had one other Jewish child in his. It was at about this time last year, when our children had their first exposure to Christmas, that we received an invitation to an evening event at their school called the "Holiday Sing." All we were told was that the children would be performing songs for their parents that they had learned in their music classes. How could we have known what we were in for? It all started rather innocently with the children singing what we have since learned are called "secular Christmas songs" - an oxymoron if there ever was one. Granted, the name of Christ was not mentioned in these songs, but watching my little Jewish children up there on the stage with their classmates singing Christmas classics like Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer did make me cringe. And that wasn't the worst of it.
It starts off bad, gets worse in the middle and by the end of it, you are feeling sorry for her and her kids because her attitude has rubbed off on them. I have a feeling her religion has more to do with multiculturalism than anything else in the way the good Archbishop over on the right describes it. What is a shame that Jew haters will pounce on this column as an example of what Jews are about which they are not. This is just obnoxious behavior by someone who feels she should be catered too.

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