Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kucinich and the UAW, everything that is wrong about America.

Bidness: Does this mean I am some sort of auto industry seditionist because I drive a Honda Civic?

Ford, like General Motors, has been struggling to cut costs, including closing plants to bring the number of vehicles it produces in line with the number it can sell. "Manufacturing is in definite trouble here in the United States," said Levandusky, who invited Kucinich to meet and then tour the engine complex. "It is probably something we should have been doing some time ago, but it is a great thing we are doing it now." While workers in Brook Park are trying to make the plants more competitive, they need more help, Levandusky told Kucinich. "We can only do so much. We need help from the government. Content laws. Trade laws. Health-care laws. It is about time we really protect manufacturing."
Protectionism, tariffs and/or more taxes on business are the way to go.
Kucinich said that when the community works together, it can protect jobs. He said that happened earlier this year when a federal commission was persuaded to reject a Pentagon plan to send 1,000 jobs at Cleveland's Defense Finance and Accounting Service to other cities. Kucinich said he would be meeting with union leaders and other officials to develop plans aimed at saving manufacturing jobs and letting Congress know about the need to do something. "This is about our children and grandchildren," he said. "We have to get the word out - 'Buy American.' This is a matter of our allegiance to our own communities, our belief in each other, our commitment to each other." While Ohio has about 16,000 workers building Honda automobiles, engines and transmissions, Kucinich later said he defined "American" as being made by a union. The UAW has failed in its effort to organize the Honda plants.
So buying American means only union made products and because the UAW failed to convince American workers to form a union at Honda plants, this means these hardworking people are Un-American bastards. Pictures of Stalin are all over the break room.
But if the goal is to benefit Brook Park by buying American, perhaps "union" would have to include Mexican unions. The Duratec 30 engines assembled at Engine Plant No. 2 in Brook Park are installed in the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr, which are built at Ford's plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. Workers at that plant are represented by a Mexican union, a Ford spokesman said.
As long as they are union, its all good.

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