Monday, December 05, 2005

Liberals to Bloc: meanies!

Canada: This is wussy talk.

Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe vowed to wipe Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals from the electoral map as he served notice yesterday that no Liberal riding in Quebec is safe. "To build the future, to achieve the sovereign Quebec that we have all imagined together, that's the challenge of this campaign," Duceppe told members of his party at a general council in Longueuil to discuss the election. "That is what we will achieve, that is what you will do, that is what I will do, that unprecedented mobilization, so that on Jan. 23, we will tell ourselves, fortunately, here it is the Bloc Quebecois and, fortunately, we have made the Liberals disappear." Transport Minister Jean Lapierre, the Liberals' Quebec lieutenant, promptly called on Duceppe to withdraw his comments. "That kind of language, where you want to make people disappear, there is a bit of a tone of Nazism in that. ... What kind of society does he have in store for us if he is proposing an intolerant Quebec where those who don't think the same thing have to shut up and have to disappear? "For the last few days, we have seen that he wants to silence the strong voices in Quebec - personally attacking ministers," Lapierre later added.
Who does Duceppe think he is? Doesn't he know its the God-given right for Liberals to have power in Quebec and the rest of Canada? How dare this guy say they want to run the Liberals out of office.

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