Sunday, December 04, 2005

Livingstone chooses Muslims over gays

UK: Article by James Kirchick in the Yale Daily News.

"....The European left, a natural supporter of homosexual liberation, has bent over backwards in its complete accommodation of Muslims, in spite of the fact that a vocal portion of this community takes a medieval view towards homosexuals. Livingstone has encountered no difficulty in reconciling these conflicting views. Earlier last month in The Morning Star, Britain's Marxist daily, he simultaneously praised his multiculturalism policies and city officials' decision to eliminate regulations hindering London shopkeepers from flying gay pride flags. Livingstone holds the value of "multiculturalism" as the highest of all, even if that means respecting cultures that seek to destroy ours. The risk of offending a single Muslim is too onerous for Livingstone to condemn those who glorify terror. During the Cold War, the term "useful idiot" (ironically coined by Lenin) was applied to those in the West who excused away or completely ignored the atrocities of Communism. "Red Ken" Livingstone, as he is affectionately known, was a useful idiot then and is no less a useful idiot of the Islamofascists now. To abandon a class of citizens in order to appease a group judged more politically valuable is more than perverse, it cheapens the ideal of liberalism itself. Democratic citizenship means nothing if we are willing to sell the rights of people down the river because a militant minority demands it. Once again, a specter haunts Europe. And once again, Americans do not have the option of sitting out a battle taking place across an ocean's expanse."
Not the first time this has been pointed out, earlier this year when Chris Crain, editor of the Washington Blade and his partner got beat up in Amsterdam,there was outrage when Scott Long of Human Rights watch excused the attack.
"....Gay campaigners are outraged that sensitivity about intolerance towards Muslims is blinding people to intolerance from Muslims. Scott Long, the director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender programme at Human Rights Watch, the human rights group, caused outrage when he declared: “Gays often become the victims of this when immigrants retaliate for the inequalities they have to suffer.” Mr Crain, who has been deluged with e-mails of support from Dutch citizens, thundered back: “Long’s ‘blame the society’ political correctness is a distraction from the very real cultural clashes happening in Holland and elsewhere.”

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